Don’t Let the COVID-19 Pandemic Take Dancing Away From You


Get access to pre-recorded video dance lessons,

live streamed dance classes, and more so you can do what you love

from the comfort (and safety) of your home!


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The Virus Has Already Taken Your Family’s Freedom

Don’t Let It Rob You of Your Groove Too


Just because the world is on lockdown doesn’t mean you have to lock your dancing shoes away too. We all need something to do at home now more than ever, and what better way is there for them to pass the time than by doing something they’re passionate about?


To help you stick with your dance practice during these crazy times, we built an online studio designed to provide them with the same world-class instruction you’ve come to expect from Fuso Danse Studios along with routines, drills, and tips to help you get better at doing what you love.


By being forced to stay at home, unable to connect with people who share their passion, you can lose interest in your craft. Don’t let that happen. Give yourself the platform you need to keep dancing with people who love it as much as you do.

Don't Let Your Love For Dancing Fade Away

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Here's Six Reasons To Join Today!

Help You Stay Healthy


We all need to stay healthy now more than ever. Regular exercise—like dancing—can help them do just that.

Get The Kids Involved


Don’t let them waste their time playing games on their gadgets. Help them direct their energy into something more productive.

Never Miss A Beat


Worried about missing a live session due to work of family commitments?

Don't be -

pre-recorded classes allow you to exercise in your own time. 

Keep Mentally Fit


It's not just physical fitness that is taking a hit. Mental stimulation is just as important.

Dancing can help free your mind from day to day stresses.

Stay Socially Active


Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you or your family have to feel isolated. Keep connected with our instructors and meet new people at the same time.

Get Started Today For the Low Price of Free

Our Free Class Pass is 100% free, and you don’t really have to upgrade to All Access unless you want to. What have you got to lose?

Don't Let the Pandemic Take Your Groove Away


Give your family access to video dance lessons, live streamed classes, and more so they can do what they love from the comfort (and safety) of your home!