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St James Church, Morningside
Playhouse, Mayville
Kloof Village Mall, Kloof

From time to time we will use pictures or videos of our dancers in order to promote classes, events or the studio. Before we use these, we'd like to obtain your permission.

We respect our dancers decisions and your choice in no way impacts your dance experience with us.

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Policy Pointers:
Please read the following before submitting your registration form.
By submitting the form, you agree that you have read and understood the following conditions:
  • All dancers are required to comply with general dance etiquette when attending classes. References to this are included in the studio handbook available in class or for download here
  • Should you arrive early for a class, please do not enter the venue until invited in. Should there not be a waiting area, please wait quietly at the back/side of the hall until your lesson is due to start. We want to give everyone equal opportunity to learn.
  • Please ensure that the instructor is aware of who is collecting your child. Children should remain within the studio until a parent or authorised custodian has arrived.
  • All accounts are be paid up by the 7th of month unless otherwise authorised by the studio director.
  • Should a dancer wish to change classes or switch to per class rate, notification must be done by 25th
  • Failure to notify the studio director/instructor by 25th will result in existing account settings being applied
  • Dancers wishing to leave the studio are required to give 1 calender month's notice
Dance Attire:
  • All dancers are required to be comfortably/appropriatly dressed for each class. This includes, but not limited to, gym pants/leggings (no jeans), dance shoes/boots, casual top (preferably studio T shirt).
  • New dancers may wear closed comfortable shoes (ie takkies/sneakers/pumps).
  • It is recommended that dancers who have been with the studio for longer than 6 months have social dance shoes for class. These can be purchased from our online store. (Line Dance only)