We offer a variety of unique social dance classes for all abilities, from beginners to advanced. The benefits of dancing are well documented. Whether you are looking to keep active, relieve stress, meet new people, become more confident or you just looking for a fun evening after work.

Our classes are welcoming and encouraging as we aim to keep active through positivity and support.  


View the various styles on offer below to find the one that speaks to your feet.

Look forward to seeing you on the dance floor 

Line Dance

Absolute Beginners

Fri 5pm


Fri 5:30pm


Fri 6:30pm

Open Social Dancing

Thurs 5:30pm

Line Dancing is a great way to start your dancing journey. It has come a long way from the stereotypical cowboy scene and modernized to include up and coming trends in music and dance. Line dance incorporates a variety of styles including latin, hip hop, swing, polka, irish, showdance and more.

Line dance is great for developing confidence, musicality and socializing, as well as keeping you active and having a good time

Our Line Dance program is headed up by Taren Gaia from "Fuso Danse Studios".

Line dance is suitable for all ages and experience levels. No partner is required

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Limited space due to Covid - so don't delay!

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Dancing on Rooftop
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Acrobatic Technique

Tues 5pm

Acrobatics is the performance of balance, agility, and coordination. While many see acrobatics in the form of hand stands, tumbles and back bends, It also focuses on improving mobility, strength and flexibility

Our Acrobatics program is headed up by Natasha James.

Acrobatics is available for adults and kids

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Pilates Pose
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Trampoline Runway
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Tues 6pm & 7pm


Thurs 7pm

Ballroom dancing is most famously linked to styles suck as waltz, foxtrot and quickstep. This partner dance, which can be enjoyed both socially and competitively, is a great way to step your evening with your partner, spouse or friend.

Ballroom, like most partner dances, is great for teamwork and learning to connect with your partner through body movement.

Our Ballroom program is headed up by Shirley Meintjies from "Dance with Me".

Shirley teaches in 8 week courses to ensure you get the maximum out of each style.

Ballroom Dancing
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Couples Dancing
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Ballroom Dance Class With Masks
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