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Terms and conditions:
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Team Members:
  • All dancers wanting to be part of any team must remember that they are making a committment to their
     fellow dancers, instructors and themself. Being a part of a dance team can be more challenging than solo dancing
     and dancers should be prepare themselves for this.
  • Participation in the team is on a first come first serve basis. There are limited spaces available in the performance team and dancers wishing to be on the team may be asked to understudy if all positions are full.
  • Instructors reserve the right to create more than 1 performance team should the demand require it.
  • Instructors reserve the right to select/change the team members at any time should the demand require it or the attendance criteria are not met. 
  • Dancers are not permitted to miss any practices 2 weeks before an event. Instructors reserve the right to create additional practices should be need arise, including Sunday practices.
  • Dancers may miss a total of 10 practices over a 10 month period. And not more than 2 practices consecutively.
  • Failure to meet the practice attendance requirements will result in the dancer being unable to compete in the team for a specific competition or event. 
  • Dancers who miss a practice will be required to catch up on anything missed before the next practice.
  • Dancers are requested to notify the instructor ahead of time if they know that they will not be attending a practice.
  • Instructors will make themselves available to assist the dancers, however this is at the availability of the instructor. 
  • Any lesson cancelled by the instructor will be made up at the earliest convenience of the instructor and dancers.
Finances and Practice Times:
  • Team: Price per dancer per month: R100
  • Duos/Quads: Price per dancer per month: R550 (Duos)  R275 (Quads)
  • Team practices will take place on Venue TBC for new dance season
  • Duos & Quads practice time will be arranged with the dancers in the same manner as private lessons
  • Dancers are required to be at practices no less than 15min before the start and must be ready and warmed up.
  • Practice will start at 2pm sharp regardless of who is there or not there. 
  • Dancers are required to attend practice in the appropriate attire. This includes but is not limited to gym pants/leggings, dance shoes/boots, comfortable shirts preferably studio T-shirt.
  • All dancers are required to have paid their registration fees in order to participate in an event on behalf of the studio.
  • Dancers may be required to hire/buy team outfits where not supplied by the Studio. The Studio will however
     endevour to use the most cost efficient method of supplying outfits.
  • Dancers will be required to have beige dance boots for any team dance using country music (Country Classic/Standard).
  • All team entry fees to eisteddfod/competitions will be covered by the Studio.
  • Dancers wishing to discuss a matter regarding the routines/formations/practices are to approach the instructors only.
     The instructors will then manage the situation and get the necessary people involved.
  • Competition year runs from 1 September  to 31 August.
  • WDM Rules, Studio Code of Conduct and dance etiquette are to be followed at all times, by all dancers.
  • Dancers may be asked to dance at events and venues other then competitions. Sufficient time will be made available to ensure that available dancers know the routine and formation changes where applicable.     




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