We know that not everyone is preferent to Dancing. This is why we offer a variety of unique fitness solutions for all abilities, from teens and beginners to adults and competition level students. Our classes are welcoming and encouraging as we aim to stay fit through positivity and support. 

View the various fitness options below to find the one that fits you.

Dance Fitness

Dance Fitness

Sat 9am

Dance Fit is an aerobics/fitness based workout that incorporates elements of dancing. This is a low impact alternative to zumba and is a great way to keep active. Our brand brings you a new themed workout every 8 weeks to keep you on your toes and building your confidence for a more healthy physical and mental well being, this is the class for you. Best of all you can enjoy this class in studio or in the comfort of your home through our recorded classes.

Our Dance Fitness program is headed up by Taren Gaia from "Fuso Danse Studios".

Dance Fitness is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Dance Fitness Class
Upbeat Dance Class
Zumba Fitness Class

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Tues 9:30am

Fri 9:30am

Pilates is a great form of exercise that consists of low-impact movements to help build core strength, balance and flexibility. Pilates focuses on proper postural alignment which is essential for relieving lower back pain and improve overall body movement.

Our Pilates program is headed up by Debbie Porter from "A Dose of Debbie".

Pilates is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Pilates Pose
Working Out with a Physio Ball
Pilates Stretches

Interval Fitness Training

Interval Training

Sat 8am

Interval training is a type of fitness training that involves high intensity workouts alternated with a series of rest periods (eg 30sec workout, 10sec rest - repeated 8 times).

Like normal fitness training, exercises can be focused on a particular area (core, legs, arms, strength, etc) or involve a total body workout.

Interval training can improve many area of the body, from increased stamina and muscle toning to lower blood pressure and has been found to be most effective with weight loss. 

Our Interval Fitness program is headed up by Audrey Wright from "Evoke Health".

Pilates is suitable for all fitness levels and exercise can be done at your own pace.

Fitness Class
Fitness at Home
Fitness on Yoga Mat