Solo Competition

At Fuso Danse we believe that the best person to compete against, is yourself. Understanding the foundations, a dedication to training and a willingness to try new things is the best recipe for any competitor.
To compete in solo line dance, please complete the information below. Note that lesson times are dependent on availability and may be combined with the dancer's permission.
Contract Period:
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                 * Monthly packages take into account lessons missed due to selected competitions/public holidays.
                            Competition fees are not included in the monthly fee. These are due by the dancer as competitions arises and will be added to the dancers                             studio account. Entry fees are due 1 week before competition closing date.
Terms and conditions:
Please ensure that you read the following before submitting your registration form.
By submitting the form, you agree that you have read and understood the following conditions:
  • Times will be allocated on a first come first serve basis and are secured with a 6 month or 12 month contract. 
  • Lessons may be utilised as single or double lessons, and are renewable at any time. 
  • Any lesson cancelled by the instructor will be made up at the earliest convenience of the instructor and dancer.
  • Any lesson missed by the dancers for any reason other than sudden illness or family emergency, will be forfeit and no refund will be given
  • No lessons will be held on public holidays. Any planned lessons is at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Dancers using per lesson option will be placed on a waiting list and advised of available time slots on a first come first serve basis.
  • Competition lessons for the new season start on 1 October of the new competition year.
  • Lessons may be utilised for both competition and medal tests as required by the dancer.
  • All private lesson dancers will be subject to either a 6 month or 12 month training contract.
  • Dancers may elect a normal or per lesson options. 
  • Standard packages take into account the following competitions: LDSA Meltdown, SADTA Kaleidoscope & WDM SA Masters. Lessons planned at the same time as any additional competitions will result in forfeit unless rescheduled at the convenience of the instructor.
  • Dancers using per lesson option will be charged for cancellation as follows:
         Within 48 - 24 hrs: R250
         Less then 24 hrs: R400
  • All competition entries will be administered by the Studio. No dancer is permitted to register for a competition under Fuso Danse Studios in their personal capacity.
  • Dancers must meet the following to qualify to compete under Fuso Danse Studios:                                                   LDSA Registration Fees are paid
         Tiny Tots, Rugrats, Starter - attend minimum of 8 lessons
         Newcomer & Novice - attend minimum of 12 lessons
         Intermediate, Advanced & Allstar - attend minimum of 15 lessons
  • If a dancer trains with more than 1 studio, and meets the minimum lesson criteria above, it is recommended that   the dancer enter competition under both studios.
  • Competition year runs from 1 September to 31 August
  • World Dance Masters Rules and Regulations, Studio Code of Conduct and dance etiquette, are to be followed at all times.
Costumes/Dance Attire
  • All dancers competing under Fuso Danse Studios are required to be properly dressed for each practice session. This includes, but not limited to, gym pants/leggings (no jeans), dance shoes/boots, appropriate top.
  • All dancers competing under Fuso Danse Studios must wear their studio tracksuit to and from competition venues. As well as during travel to venues outside of KZN (eg when flying). If they do not have a tracksuit, studio T shirt and black pants is required.
  • Competition outfits and dance shoes will be for the dancers expense. However costumes may be hired from the studio for use on the day (see the online shop for available costumes). Dancers are also welcome to buy rhinestones and dance shoes through the studio.
  • All dancers are required to show costume new designs to the instructors before they are made to ensure WDM regulations are met. 
  • All dancers will be required to show their completed costumes to the instructor before competing at an event. This applies to new costumes or existing costumes that have been altered.


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