Here at Fuso Danse we believe that the dancers are the studio. We pride ourselves on giving our dancers the best experiences in and out of class. Our core values (Support, Growth, Accountability, Respect, Integrity & True to You) create an environment where you can feel comfortable, engaged, energized and part of the Fuso family.

The studio has grown since it's inception in 2013. We now based in Gillitts with a 2nd branch in Morningside, and have extended our dance styles to include not only Line Dance but also Dance Fit. Our social and competition faculties create opportunities for everyone to enjoy, whether you want to get technical or just let your hair down after a day at work.


In 2021 an opportunity arose for us to manage our own venue and with that, we made a leap of faith and moved to Gillitts Shopping Centre. It is here that the community vibe is palpable and we are excited to build the studio into the go to dance and fitness facility, that you can enjoy.  

In the light of current Covid 19 Pandemic, the Studio is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all our dancers and partners. All our instructors are trained in basic first aid and CPR. Management has also attended Covid 19 Risk Assessment courses to ensure that our policies and procedures are up to date. To view our OHS policies and see how we are keeping you safe, please visit our Covid 19 page.

Meet The Team

Facility Owner


SADTA Licentiate / UKDC

2016 Intermediate WDM World Champion

Debbie Porter - Dose of Debbie



Rebounder Fitness

Shirley Meintjies - Dance with Me


Taren Gaia - Fuso Danse Studios


Line Dance

Dance Fit

Natasha James 

Acrobatic Technique

Gillitts Shopping Centre                         St James Church
1 Clifton Road                                          115 Venice Road